Dear WCPR friends,

We are happy to announce that we will be returning to our normal operating hours effective Monday, June 15. Just in case anyone’s forgotten our hours they are (starting Monday):

Monday – Friday 7AM to 7PM, Saturday 8AM to 5PM and Sunday 10AM to 5PM

In addition, we will be opening our lobby during our hours of operation for check-in/check-out services. We have installed sneezeguards at our front desk, hand sanitizer station as well as a mask dispenser in the foyer. To protect our staff and you please make sure you stand in front of the sneezeguards when working with our front staff team. Curbside service will temporarily be paused, as our lobby will be opened and still have limited staff – so all daycare and boarding services will need to be checked in/out at the front desk. Please be patient with our team and understanding as this pandemic has not only taken a toll on you and your family but it has also taken a toll on our team. In the last few weeks they’ve had clients cuss at them, yell at them, become belligerent and even honk their horns at them when they didn’t move fast enough for check-in.

We want to acknowledge and appreciate the wonderful clients that have called to express their appreciation to the staff, brought them cookies/treats (which they LOVED), had individual lunch boxes delivered, brought them toilet paper, paper towels, hand sanitizers and more. Thank you from all of us for your outpouring of generosity and thoughtfulness. 😃

In March we had to make some tough decision because of COVID-19. Since no one was travelling and boarding their pets we had to cut our team by more than half and in doing so we had to change our hours of operation. Thankfully in the last week we have been able to offer most of them at least part-time employment to return. The staff that remained in March, April, May and beginning of June is utterly exhausted. They all have been a one-man show during their shifts and on the weekends, trying to check pets in, check them out, answering the phones, responding to emails, take the pets out for their playtimes, feeding them, cleaning up after them, bathe them etc. It’s been hard and through it all they’ve been champions for your pets.

Please remember that the Drop-Off medical services for pets while they are here for Boarding, Daycare or Training should only be for wellness service updates (vaccines, heartworm tests, fecals, pre-op bloodwork, medication bloodwork, etc.). WCPR is a wellness only facility. We cannot board or have daycare services for pets that could be potentially contagious. With that said, if your pet is experiencing diarrhea, lethargy, coughing, hacking, sneezing, itchy skin, goopy eyes, ear infection issues, etc you must make an appointment at the Hospital that you can attend so that the proper diagnostics can be run and medication dispensed in a timely manner to treat your pet.

To ensure we are properly staffed and have space, please call ahead to reserve your pet’s place for daycare. We are always happy to have them here we just want to be prepared ahead of time so we can plan accordingly.

We are excited that we are at starting to move toward some form of normalcy please be patient as we continue to keep you and our staff safe.

Thank you.