Obedience Training

Strengthen the bond with your pet.

Scheduled classes:

All of our training classes are taught with force-free training methods that are backed by science. These methods are based on knowledge of animal learning theory to truly help your pet understand and want to cooperate with you.

In order to participate in training classes, all dogs must be current on the required medical services before attending classes. Proof of performed medical services will be required at the time of Registration. If you received vaccinations or testing from a clinic other than Chester Animal Clinic we ask that you have it sent (via email or fax) to West Chester Pet Resort.

If you’ve had services updated after we receive your pet’s history, you may bring proof of them to class with you. We will make every effort to ensure you are aware of any services that are overdue prior to registration for the class, however, it will be your responsibility to get the services updated and ensure that we receive an updated vaccine/medical services history from your Veterinarian. If an updated service history is not received your pet will not be able to participate in the Class.

Training Schedule

The Details:

Feel free to bring treats or toys you wish to use in your training sessions. Please do not bring long-lasting treats. You want to be able to give training rewards quickly.

We require that at least one person attend classes for each dog (excluding drop-off sessions). For instance, if you enrolled two dogs into a class, at least two people need to attend with those dogs.  The trainer will not be able to hold your dog for you during training exercises. We encourage families to participate together in the training education and process. We do ask that small children be left at home and at least one of the adults involved in the Class be 18 years of age or older.

CANCELLATION POLICY: All Private Training appointments must be canceled at least 12 hours in advance or you will be responsible for 50% of your session’s cost. For in-home visits, you must cancel at least 24 hours in advance or you will be responsible for 50% of your session’s cost. If you cancel less than two hours before your scheduled appointment, you will be responsible for the full session price.  Group Classes are only refundable up to the start time of your third scheduled class.

As a courtesy to our guests, we ask that if your pet has been vomiting, hacking, coughing, sneezing, lethargic, experiencing diarrhea, or are just not themselves that you keep them at home. We want to minimize our guests’ exposure to sick pets. We want to ensure we are caring for healthy pets and not spreading any potential infections or illnesses. If they are sick they need to be seen by their doctor and kept in the comfort of their own home.

Training Information:

Group Class Training

Do you wish your dog would listen to you even when other people and dogs are around? Do they need a little extra practice socializing with other dogs and people? Group classes may be the perfect fit for you!

Our group classes are offered with flexible memberships that allow you to attend the classes that are convenient for you! Our various membership packages are designed with your specific dogs in mind. We have classes to bring your dog from the very basics all the way up to advanced, competition level, and therapy dog level skills!

Contact us today to determine which group class membership will be best for you and your pet!

Private Lessons

In our private lessons, you and your dog will get the trainer’s undivided attention! These are a wonderful option if you feel you or your dog need some extra, one-on-one practice or if you have specific concerns that are not well suited for a group environment. They also offer increased flexibility for scheduling and learning!

Our individualized sessions can address everything from behavioral concerns, reactivity/aggression, canine sport training, and so much more!

We currently offer three different types of private lessons:

  1. In-Person Private Sessions: These sessions are held at West Chester Pet Resort with both you and your dog present. They allow you to practice with your dog hands-on under the trainer’s guidance for optimum results! Offered in 30 minute and 60 minute sessions.
  2. Drop-Off Sessions: A wonderful option for extra busy schedules! Our drop-off sessions are conducted while your dog joins us for a day of daycare (on select days). Enjoy your day even more knowing that your dog will be coming home that evening with new, useful skills! All drop-off sessions include a detailed report card so you can keep up the great work at home, too!
    We can offer up to two sessions per dog per day.
  3. In-Home Sessions: Let us come to you! With our in-home sessions, we will meet you in the environment that your dog is most comfortable and where they learn best. These sessions are also a wonderful way to work on behaviors that are only seen in the home, such as separation anxiety, barking at guests, chewing furniture, etc.

Contact us today to discuss which private sessions would be best for you and your dog!

Training ReTreat (Board & Train)

Are you a busy dog owner in need of a quicker solution to your dog’s behavior? Are you going on vacation and want your dog to do something productive while you’re away? Look no further! A Training ReTreat is just the option you’re searching for.

With a ReTreat package, your dog will stay with us for 7-14 days (depending on the package you select). During this time, they will learn a variety of cues and we will work on problem solving with common behavioral concerns.

All ReTreat packages include 3 daily play times during your dog’s stay since physical enrichment is just as important as mental enrichment!

You will be provided with a detailed report card, training videos, and other fun and useful inclusions when you return to pick up your pup.

Contact us today so we can build your pup’s perfect ReTreat together!

Canine Fitness Training

Fitness training is a fabulous way to improve your dog’s quality of life! We can assist you in improving muscle strength after a surgery or injury, increase strength to reduce the risk for injury, or just for overall fitness! We also offer targeted weight-loss programs and fitness geared towards working and sporting dogs.

Contact us today to discuss what fitness program will be the best fit for you and your dog’s health needs!

Your Pet’s Vacation Destination!

West Chester Pet Resort is a facility like no other in Virginia. Our almost 5-acre, luxury pet resort and off-leash park were designed with your pet’s comfort, safety, fun and well-being in mind.

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Call or Text: 804-796-3632
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(for vaccine records only)
Fax: 804-748-5851


12021 Ironbridge Road
Chester, VA 23831


Monday – Friday:
8am – 12pm, 4pm - 7pm
Saturday: 8am – 12pm
Sunday: appointment only

Thank you for our patience as we continue to focus on the care of our guests with limited staffing.
Notice: We are closed all major holidays, including Easter Sunday, Mother's Day and Father's Day. Check-In/Check-Out services will resume the following day.

2021 Daycare Blocks

May 8 - 10: Mother's Day weekend
May 28 - June 2: Memorial Day
June 17 - 23: Father's Day/Beginning of Summer Break
July 1 - 12: Independence Day
Sept 2 - 7: Labor Day
Nov 24 - 30: Thanksgiving
Dec 23 - Jan 3: Christmas/New Year's

During these dates, Daycare Services will be unavailable.
Please check back for updates throughout the year.

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Your Pet’s Vacation Destination!

West Chester Pet Resort is a facility like no other in Virginia. Our almost 5-acre, luxury pet resort and off-leash park were designed with your pet’s comfort, safety, fun and well-being in mind.